Friday April 28th at 7pm

1052 S Olive
Los Angeles CA 90015


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A visual dialague about the fabric of culture and mind.

F A B R I C   is a body of work by Shane Heath completed over the last 12 months.  The works weave a dialogue discussing the fabric that makes up culture and consciousness. You'll notice motifs inspired by body art and garmet work done by indiginous cultures to breathe meaning and self expression into their culture. You'll also notice some familiar faces that shape our culture and thus our consciousness today.  The works are a balance of an honest look at our current cultural landscape blended with the current trend towards exploring the self. It's simultaneously becoming aware of the absurdity of today and inviting one into the beauty that has always been there within.

The pieces allow the mind to play with a range of interpretations and energetic consumption depending on the viewers distance and perspective. The combination of loose and detailed elements cause the mind to compute the missing details and allows for an interplay between viewer and painting.

Shane created each painting using an amalgam of acrylics, spray paint, latex, charcoal, and pastels. 

Shane Heath is an artist from Santa Cruz California. From an early age he began using drawing as an effective way to communicate his thoughts and relate to the world. After actively pursuing formal art training throughout his later teens, he went on to study art and design in San Diego. Classes in figure drawing and 3D digital modeling set the trajectory for a style built on around figure and portrait work.

Since, he's developed a style that blends realism, street art, and expressionism to create large scale portraits that capture individuals and moments in time. His juxtaposition of finely rendered features with expressive strokes, patterns, and symbols gives each piece a dynamic feel that reveals details as you vary your distance from the piece. Known for his use of color, texture and unique compositions – Shane combines an array of mediums including aerosol, charcoal, pastel, acrylics, and house paints to develop his works.

An emerging talent in the California art scene, Shane is commonly seen painting live at various music festivals throughout the year.

Currently, he is living in Los Angeles.

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